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Garage Door Repairs

Keep Your Family Safe and Secure with a Properly Maintained Garage Door.
A properly working garage door isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. As the largest and hardest working door in the home, your garage door is responsible for providing safe access to your home, and vital protection for your family, pets and valuables. An improperly functioning door can leave you vulnerable to unauthorized entry, or your children and pets at risk of injury.

The job of the torsion spring is to counter-balance the weight of your garage door. A properly balanced door will feel almost weightless, although it very well may weigh 200 to 300 pounds. Without the help of the torsion spring lift system, a garage door is extremely difficult to lift. All springs eventually will break. Springs are generally rated to last 10,000 cycles. For most people that translates to about 7 to 10 years. If your spring has broken in less time, while under normal use, then you may have an improperly rated spring for the size of your garage door. We will always provide you with the correct size torsion spring(s) so that you can expect as many years of use as possible.

To quickly get you back on track, we’ll use our 5 Star Service Inspection to check for:
• Garage door balance and alignment
• Condition of hinges, brackets and rollers
• Opener force adjustments and limit adjustments
• Spring condition and tension
• Cable condition and tension

“ASAP Garage Door & Gate” offers a variety of openers, all of which feature advance security and safety features
Choose the Type of Garage Door opener to fit your needs

There are 4 Main Types of Garage Door Openers:

Chain Drive
Chain Drive garage door openers use a metal chain to power the opening and closing of your garage door. Chain drive systems are not as quiet as other types of openers. 
Chain drive openers are very reliable and economical. It is typically chosen when economy is a primary consideration.

Belt Drive
Belt Drive garage door openers are extremely quiet. 
This type of garage door opener offers reliable, ultra-quiet and long lasting performance, at a slightly higher cost. It is typically the best choice when noise is a primary consideration.

Screw Drive
Screw Drive garage door openers use a lifting mechanism that moves along a threaded steel rod. They are powerful units that will provide many years of reliable service. They are not as quiet as 
the belt drive units, but are more economical. Screw drive systems work well with one piece doors, and are often selected for this reason.

Jack Shaft
Jack Shaft openers are specially designed for applications where a traditional garage door opener won’t fit, such as garages with very low, cathedral or obstructed ceilings. The system allows for more overhead storage. 
The Liftmaster Model 3800 Jackshaft has a lifetime warranty on the motor and a 5 year warranty on parts.

In most cases, we’ll have your garage door fixed in just about an hour!

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